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Cabinet vacuum microwave drying machine sterilizing equipment for Ginger turmeric garlic carrot

Place of Origin Shandong
Certification CE, ISO
Min.Order Quantity 1
Price $1,450.00 - $5,900.00 / Sets
Payment Terms L/C,D/P

Product Features

Product Description

Compared with conventional microwave equipment:
1)Low temperature:under one atmospheric pressure (101.3 kpa) the boiling point of water is 100 °C.But under 0.073 of one atmospheric pressure(7.37 kpa) the boiling point of water is only 40 °C.It is on negative pressure condition when using microwave vacuum devicematerial can be processed under low temperature.So the quality of the material can be guaranteed tremendously. The machine is especially suitable for drying material which need to dry in the low temperature such as herbal extractginsengect.
2)Pressure:In negative pressure environment with microwave vacuum devicemoisture evaporates faster in the lower temperature.

Wide applications
Microwave Vacuum Drying machine combine two different technologies to create specific conditions for drying very sensitive products. Especially in microwave vacuum drying has a big significance for viscous and bulk products with poor thermal conductivity. It is mainly used for dehydration, drying and sterilization of agricultural products, health care products, foods, medicinal materials, fruits and vegetables, chemical raw materials with high added value and heat sensitivity ; for low temperature concentration of chemical products, removal of crystal water, drying of enzyme preparations Etc.; suitable for laboratories in research institutions.


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